Below are the vendors that we have decided to work with for our wedding.  If you are a vendor and are interested in working with us, please leave a comment and we will get back to you.  Our preference is to work with local vendors in the immediate Mendocino/Sonoma county areas.

Venue – Campovida

Caterer – TBD

Wedding Coordinator – Downey Street Events – Lauren Geissler

Photographer – TBD

Florist – TBD – Personal flowers only.

Cake – TBD – Small two tier.

Dairy-free Baker – TBD – Dessert Bar: Mini cupcakes, cake-pop, macaroons, etc.

Bartender – TBD – We will be providing our own champagne, wine and beer.  For liquor, we will be using pisco for 1-2 specialty cocktails and a pisco punch.

Music/DJ – TBD – Looking for someone with sound equipment including mic, emcee experience and a decent playlist.  Guitar skills a plus for ceremony music.  Otherwise, we may need a portable amp for the ceremony.

Make-up/Hair – TBD – Looking for someone with substantial experience with Asian clients – the entire bridal party is Asian.  Preferably someone with a partner/assistant who can do make-up and hair.

Shuttle service – TBD – Looking for a local Sonoma shuttle/limo company with 20-25 passenger shuttle.

Wedding insurance – TBD


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