About Us


Hi there!  We are Brian and Sandra.

We met online through Match.com though we quickly realized that we had met in person through a mutual friend years before.  Our first date was July 16, 2010 over an *interesting* weekend in Las Vegas.  (You’ll have to get to know us to get the full scoop!  Trust us, it’s better than the movie “The Hangover”!)  Soon after, we became inseparable and settled happily into coupledom while both living in San Francisco, California.

Brian proposed on January 1, 2012 at Bacara Resort in Santa Babara.  Obviously, Sandra said “YES!”

This site was created for our upcoming wedding on May 18, 2013 at the lovely Campovida in Hopland, California.

Poke around, let us know what you like and share some ideas!



  1. Erin Hunt Moore

    Simply can’t wait!!! WE are so very excited for you both – and are looking forward to being with you on your special day! Walter & Erin

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