DIY Wedding Bouquets and Flowers

After visiting a handful of flower stores and inquiring about bouquet prices, I’ve decided to do my own flowers for my wedding.  Fortunately for me, the San Francisco Flower Mart is just down the street.  I had a late start this morning and didn’t arrive until noon.  Most of the vendors were already gone.  Even so, I picked out a few buds that I liked.  I was hoping to find some ranunculus but there weren’t any.


1 bunch peonies (5 stems) – $7.50 (yes! for the whole bunch!  The owner says they typically go for around $10/bunch.  This was a special deal.)

1 bunch dusty miller green filler (~8 stems) – $4

1 bunch scabiosa (~10 stems) – $4 (again, also at a discount from the owner.  Normally, this would be 2 bunches.)

1 bunch tuberose (5 stems) – $10 (there were also Mexican tuberose, the color was not quite as white, the fragrance not nearly as nice, but for $6, you get 10 stems.  Since these were for my home as a test, I went for the more fragrant expensive California tuberose.)

Total including tax: $27.40






It took about an hour to make two bouquets.  Below is the first one I made.


I started with a peony and just started adding stems to it.  After I had a composed bouquet that I liked, I used flower tape to gold the stems together.  Then I used 1.5″ satin bridal white ribbon to wrap the stems.  I used 1-3 pins to pin the ribbon.


The first bouquet used three peonies, the second bouquet had two.  I think for the bouquets to look full, I will need 3 peonies per bridesmaid bouquet, 5 peonies for the bridal bouquet.  I love the softness of the dusty miller filler leaves.  Not only do they add texture, they are also a nice soft green color like sage rather than the bright green or deep green you typically see.  For the wedding, instead of scabiosa, I will probably use white garden rose, mini poms, or anemones.  The tuberose was really pretty but since it grows like a stalk, it’s hard to see in the bouquet.


I ended up putting the tuberose with the leftover scabiosa in a tall vase for the house.


For table flowers, I’ll have 24 of these small mason jars.  I put some of the leftover flowers in it.  Pretty simple.  For the wedding, I will likely use dahlias (saw some today but didn’t buy them – they were beautiful!).  I need 10 jars to look full and substantial (probably 2-3 dahlias, a few mini poms, some filler) and 14 jars to look loose like the below.


Conclusion: I would say that if you don’t have a lot of bridesmaids (I have 3 bridesmaids and 1 jr bridesmaid), don’t have a lot of fancy flower needs (I have 24 small mason jars + 2 mom corsages), the thought of making bouquets doesn’t stress you out and you’re a bit crafty – making your own wedding flowers may be a huge budget saver.  I estimate that my total flower cost won’t be more than $250.



  1. KYLIE

    I love this! I ordered peonies, roses, and hydrangeas for my DIY Wedding flowers! They turned out really awesome. I was scared too but I got a free flower design chat from the company I ordered from, It was better to get some advice and how to instructions for putting things together! Agreed, money saver!!!!

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