Dreamin’ about a Tuscan wedding

Hrm…. so if we really did decide to get married in Tuscany, what would I need?  My brain has been itching it put it down on paper so here we go!


DIY stuff to bring

1) Bunting “Just Married”, “Thank you” (for photos), “Frank Wedding”

2) Swizzle sticks?  Like straws with cute little flags on them or popsicle sticks with die cut letters

3) fabric pomanders for the flower girls

4) mini pomanders and string (don’t puff the pomanders)

5) ring pillow

6) “bride” and “groom” chair signs

7) pomanders on sticks (don’t puff the pomanders)

8) cut out place card paper

9) cut out cute tags for in room treats


Decorations to bring

1) “b” “&” “s” blocks

2) the B and S color blocks


Other stuff to bring

1) Guestbook stuff (cards, pens, polaraid camera, polaraid photos)

2) Bouquet stuff (ribbon, pins, florist tape)

3) paper and silver pen for placecards

4) extra ribbon for decorations

5) raffia for decorations

6) chuppah fabric

7) table runners?

8) paper for menus?


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