Farm Tables vs. Cloth Tables

The question of the day: Farm Table or Cloth covered table? Not sure why…but I’m not a huge fan of cloth covered tables.  Feels very wedding banquet to me.  Oh wait – this is a wedding banquet…


Assumptions: (here comes the consultant)

1. The amount spent on tables, chairs and linens will probably be about the same for either cloth covered tables or farm tables.

2.  I will be making my own custom runners from silver fabric that I picked up at a garage sale.

3.  I will be decorating the tables with manzanita branches, small glass candle holders (possibly covered in die-cut grey paper), possibly with some small glass bowls of airplants.  No big flower centerpieces.

4. I prefer rectangular tables to rounds.

5.  I prefer white square plates.


Cloth Table: Cheaper if I go with slightly upgraded linens and wood (either white or brown) folding chairs.  If I upgrade to specialty linens and fancy chairs, then it is the same cost as farm tables.  The specialty linens will look nice – especially if I pick a pearl like white or a textured darker grey.


Farm Tables: The cost for farm tables is substantially higher.  That means I will have to go with wood (probably brown) folding chairs.  I wonder if the manzanita branches will bring too much wood texture to the overall look.


Hrm… I think I may have talked myself into cloth covered tables with specialty linens.  Brilliant!


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