What should you put on your wedsite’s FAQ? | Offbeat Bride

Wedsites are awesome, aren’t they? I think they’re pretty much the best thing to happen to weddings since Offbeat Bride. How else can you stop the constant barrage of wedding questions from wonderfully well-meaning guests? With an all-encompassing FAQ page of course!

If you’re sitting at your computer, wondering what exactly you should include on your FAQ, here is a huge master list of the things your guests are dying to know.

How do I get to the venue(s)?

What time should I arrive?

Where should I park?

Will I have to pay for parking?

What should I wear?

Is there a dress code?

What kind of shoes should/shouldn’t I wear?

Are there any colors that guests should avoid wearing?

Are kids welcome?

Can I bring a date?

Does your wedding have a theme?

I am coming from out of town. Where should I stay?

When is the RSVP deadline?

Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?

What is a handfasting/commitment ceremony/collaring ceremony/etc?

What should/could I do between the ceremony and the reception?

Will food be served?

What kind of food will be served?

What if I have a dietary restriction?

Will there be dancing?

Will there be any activities happening that I need to know about?

What time will the reception end?

Can I take pictures? (Perfect if you’re planning an unplugged wedding)

Is there a gifts registry?

What if I want to donate my services to the cause instead of give a gift?

Is there transportation being provided between reception and hotels?

Will last names be changing after the wedding?

I have a question not answered here; how do I contact you?

via What should you put on your wedsite’s FAQ? | Offbeat Bride.


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