Chinese Wedding Traditions

Hair Combing Ceremony

I like the concept of the hair combing ceremony – it would be a private thing with my step-mom or my sisters the night prior to the wedding.  (Excerpt from the link below)

“The hair combing ceremony is not always performed today, but it is a lovely ritual that is meaningful and simple to perform. The night before the wedding the bride bathes and then takes a seat either in front of lit candles or within sight of moonlight. Her hair is combed by a woman (often her mother) who is considered to be fortunate in life. Her hair is combed four times.

The first combing symbolizes “from beginning to end.”

The second combing means “harmony from youth through old age.”

The third combing is a wish for many grandchildren.

The fourth combing offers hope for wealth and a marriage that lasts a long, long time.”

Tea Ceremony

My guess is that Brian and I will have “first look” and then do the tea ceremonies.  Not sure if we will move from my parents’ room then to his mom’s or if we’ll do both sets of parents in the same room.  Need to figure this one out…

(Excerpt from the link below)

“The couple then serves tea to the bride’s parents. Her parents offer them a gift before they leave for the groom’s home. In the past, the bride alone would serve the tea as a parting ritual. At the groom’s home the couple serves tea to his parents and older relatives as a sign of respect, whereupon the couple receives more gifts. The families then head for the church or registrar to complete the wedding ceremony itself.”

via Chinese Wedding Traditions –

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