Decorations, Acquired!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a bride’s dream – an event planner’s garage sale. Go Craiglist!

Two hours and $100 later (seriously great deals!), I think I’ve secured the majority of decorations I need for the reception or at least some of the pricey stuff.  (Yeah, yeah, I’ll need more stuff, I know…)

24 mason jars – will put sand and a votive candle in them to light the walkways after it gets dark in the garden20120308-164929.jpg

40 glass votive candle holders – for table centerpiece


20 manzanita branches – for table centerpiece


2 bolts of fabric – a beautiful silvery blue for table runners and a linen-like polyester for, well, whatever!


12 glass milk jug vases – will add some sand and three pillar candles for bar an other random places. May also use the vases for welcome flowers in the rooms on property


And two cute painted signs.  Can never have enough of these!  I may re-paint them to match all the other signs I have to make.



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