DIY Fabric Pomanders


Fabric (about a yard for 4″ styrofoam ball)

styrofoam ball (I’m using 4″ ones, 3″ ones & 2.5″ ones)

Hot glue gun

floral pins & Ribbon (If you want yours to hang)


Step one: Trace circles onto fabric. For my 4″ balls, I traced 4 inch circles. For my 3 inch balls, 3 inch circles

Step two:

After cutting out the circles fold in half and put a dot of hot glue in the center of the folded part

Step three/four:

Fold right side over onto glue- then put another dot of glue & fold left side over

Step Five:

Poke a hole into the stryrfoam ball, not too deep, and then put hot glue inside the hole. Take the pointed edge of your fabric and push it down into the hole.

Step 6:

I make a line all the way around the ball one way with the fabric and then start filling in the two empty sides.

Step 7: (If you want them to hang)

Find a good place to be the top of your pomander. Take a fabric pin and string it with any ribbon you’d like. Shove the fabric pin into the styrofoam ball and then tie a knot in the ribbon so it will stay attached to the fabric pin and not slip out.

Now you’re done!! These take a bit of time but they look super cool and they aren’t very difficult to make! Way easier for me then the tissue paper pomanders on the Martha Stewart website!

Final Product:

via DIY Wedding Challenge 2010 Fabric Pomanders – Project Wedding.


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